One night thing

Soft skin

Soft touch

Feels so lush,

The warmth of your body

I crave so much,

Feel my hand guiding

Moving over you,

Touching every part

That arouses you,

That stimulates

You grate,

To the movement

Of my fingers,

I want every second

To sensually linger,

See your lips part

Air Exhale

Slight quiet moans,

As you feel the

Touch of me

As my hand roams,

Over your silken skin

So taught and firm,

I can sense the feelings rise

As you writhe and you yearn,

I can feel the essence of you

As you contort and you squirm,

Arching your back

Gripping the sheets,

Still a way to go

Not yet complete,

Nothings ever conquered

Until you reach the peak,

Breathless and passionate

Unable now to speak,

Muscles cleanched

Sinews stretched

Resistance is weak,

As my hand and fingers

Take you beyond the breach,

I see the pleasure in your eyes

As you look at me,

They speak of desire,

They speak of need,

That’s why I am here

Willing to please,

Taking you to a place

You’ve never been,

Watched by your husband

As you climax at the peak,

I leave you both in dark and silence

No words we need to speak,

A sating of your combined desires

To do different things,

An offer made to aide you

My hands were obliging,

He was satisfied hearing you sighing,

Who am I to judge

It was just a one night thing,

An offer of pleasure

That was quite surprising,

But in the end was unusual

Yet amazingly delightful.

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