Safe route home

Lullabies and laments

Feeling so intense,

Promises and regrets

Of mice and men,

Echoes like a foghorn

Sounding out in the night,

Sad and forlorn

A warning to cause fright,

Of unseen hidden dangers

The jagged rocks of life,

We don’t want end up shipwrecked

Holding on for dear life,

Look to navigate

A safe passage through,

A route of least danger,

That gets me back home to you

Where we can plan a future,

Brighter than we ever knew,

Out of the darkness

The light it grew and grew,

A promise of a good future

To all of those who,

Steered a careful course

But I still lament for those in truth

Are stranded on the rocks

Forlorn and sad,

Devoid of all hope

I can hear their cries still

And it ringing out into the night

Like the foghorns warning

In a foggy dark night,

Sirens are calling

Don’t succumb to this plight.

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