Love is not a sentence

Love is hard when strangers you become,

When relationships go stale and become forlorn,

Drifting apart barely able to talk

The feeling of antagonism always seems to stalk,

The shadows of the house, the home

And both are poised to walk,

When feeling like a candle that has long been burnt out

And all that’s left is the mess behind

Strewn all about,

Love is supposed too be so precious

And should fill the heart with warmth,

Not a maze of cold empty corridors

Which seems hollow, where passion exists no more,

So sad this is,

No way too exist,

How can it be expected to carry on

Where no repair or healing could ever be done,

So find new love but be kind to each other

If you decide too walk away,

Use the last vestige of respect

When choosing to turn a fresh new page

And upon deciding too walk away,

For love is not a sentence

Its not a prison cell,

Don’t be locked up in misery

Or suffering emotional hell.

5 thoughts on “Love is not a sentence

  1. That was very direct pointing to the failure of the venture called love. The honesty you elucidated, makes it visceral. Thanks for saying it well, as it needs to be said.

    And thanks for your kindness in reading my blog. Love the Love. Daddy’O

    Liked by 1 person

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