The lonely wife

She was lonely

Even though married

Companion he was not,

Somewhere the passion

Had been somehow lost,

She needed some tenderness

A soft touch and some caring,

She wanted something risque

Something a little daring,

She needed her pulse beating

She needed those loving hands feeling

She yearned and was appealing,

For spontaneity to light her up

To come along the way

The mundane day to day

And being taken for granted,

Just was not enough no more

And she could not stay silent

But utterance may cause hurt or pain

She knew not what to do,

Suffer and restrain her own needs and desires

That may set her being on fire,

Or tell him just how she feels

In hope that telling him may appeal

To his sensitive side so that he may understand,

Or fly into a rage of hurt ego and refuses to understand,

Should she just do what she desires on the quiet

And hope he never knows,

She was so unhappy with this loveless life

And was caught upon a crux,

Unsure what it is that she should do,

She sat and pondered this predicament,

Lonely and confused.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

14 thoughts on “The lonely wife

    1. Indeed but maybe she is all of them already, it’s just that she is invisible to him because he is distracted by other stuff and so he takes her for granted. Thanks for reading and commenting, much appreciated.


  1. Sweetheart your soul was destined for a wild fiery love, from a gentle soul, one that makes your heart beat right out of your chest, leaving you glistening and shinning like liquid gold. The sorrow of the ego is inevitable when cutting the chords with a love that has run its course, but my dearest if you don’t, you shall evermore be filled with unremitting remorse, you know what to do, of this I am sure. For the most timeless of treasures are found only when you are willing to loose sight of the seashore, listen to your intuition my love, you were destined for more!

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