I see your

Slender figure

Your ample bust

I find myself

In deep lust

I see your beautiful

Toned behind

Toying wickedly

With my mind

I stare deep

Into your eyes

I crave to make you mine

If not for always

Then just for now

Submit to me

And dominance

I will show you

Much respect

Along with passion

No second best

And as i beseech

You too undress

I will stand here

As a witness

That your supple

Female form

Is worthy to be adorned

In any artwork

Or any sculpture

I stand here gazing

The hungry vulture

Yet though I can choose

To dominate

I let you lead the way

With your warrior

Like instincts

And your inner strength

I will abide by

Whatever lengths

You decide to go

In this moment

Of a lust full flow

Where our essences

And bonds grow.

Via:Daily Prompt: Dominant

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