More is not less, less is not more

Never believe we are less than others

Don’t feel lesser than those who laud it above you

In new existential conscious mind

We are all equal by design

Being wealthy makes you no better

Being poor makes you no less

Being academic does not mean you’re gifted

Having no education doesn’t make you less blessed

We are all different but all have different strengths

Different skills and all are important

No person is ever better than another

Not even a king is better than a beggar

We enter this world the same way

We will all depart it in the same way

Its only during the illusory life

That we are disillusioned by what’s wrong and right

And let it effect our views on life

Thinking we are masters

Believing we are nothing

Confused by the illusions

And forgetting our nature of loving

The rest of humanity

And the miracle of life

And not resonating divine light.

8 thoughts on “More is not less, less is not more

  1. I love it when they think they’re clever saying that they have to go backwards to go forwards. Means their boss is still fucking their missus

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