Out of body

I had a strange experience

I took a an astral flight

An out of body episode

And flew into the night

And as I explored to discover

Things I had never seen

I came into contact with an alternate me

And in my panic and confusion

I returned to my being

But then I asked myself

Is this the right body

See everybody was the same

But things seemed slightly different

And I wondered if in all of this

There was a multiple coefficient

How many dimensions

Are there of me

And how do I know if I returned to the correct time reality

I knew someone this happened to

A kindly soul

He used to meditate and left his body and soul

One day upon returning he was different in subtle ways

A lot more angry and more depraved

The kindly man we knew now ceased to exist

In this reality and was now was different

So I urge you be aware of going on an outer body experience

Maybe you could start in one place and end up somewhere different.

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