While media and politicians

Put out old worn out platitudes

We come with fresh new attitudes

On how the world could be renewed

But they won’t listen to me and you

They think us lowly, we should know our place

These who divide by gender and race

To stop us getting strong, it keeps them safe

Controlling their created states

That gives to the rich and takes from the poor

This quintessential truth is to be abhorred

By any right thinking person

Or fair minded soul

We need to question more those in control

Demand more actions to bring about a more equal state

Homeless beggars who are displaced

Should be reason for any country to feel disgrace

Everyone should have a role and place in a civilised state

But these people churning out platitudes

They are not interested in me and you

They only care for increasing their wealth

They don’t care if it’s at the cost of our health

These social elite live in a separate world

One of ivory towers with flags unfurled

And big gates and walls too keep us out

They have lost the meaning of what democracy is about

Them being the voice of the people

Them crying our mandates from the steeples

Not ignoring our views

And promoting their own

That advantage them and business alone

We must demand more and take back what is ours

Put an end to them prospering from their ivory towers.

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