Greedy vampires

Material greed

Hoarding money,

No belief in equality,

All for themselves

Nobody else,

In their mansions

These people dwell,

Judge others

By what they

Have and have not,

These people see

The whole world

As plots,

To build up their wealth

Creating empires,

These people

Are greedy vampires,

Sucking the blood

Of the weak and the meek,

These people

Ruin any chance

Of equality

In our society.

11 thoughts on “Greedy vampires

    1. Not judging just stating facts. Many earn it from hard work, some gain through creating endeavours but some get it exploiting the weak. Guess though in a free market economy all’s fair.


      1. Not got a computer. Just that everyone gets an equal opportunity and that’s it. I would like to see a fairer sharing of the wealth created by those producing it.


      2. Anyway it’s just my opinion. You can take it or leave it. I respect your view. Only through intellectual discussion and sharing of views and opinions does society ever improve. That’s the beauty of communication and diversity.

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