We need more morality from those at the top

Honour and scruples

Along with morality

Is what we should all seek

Within those who lead society

We don’t need lies

Or unscrupulous piety

We don’t need corruption

Or misguiding beliefs

We need people with a vision

Those with a dream

Kindly people who care

For the whole of society

People with compassion

And a sense of empathy

Putting people before bureaucracy

Or corporate greedy needs

We need people who understand

Their the peoples voice

No enforcers of their will and choice

Who understand they need to hear

Everybody invested here

Democracy is about government of the people

Correct me if I am wrong but it’s for the people

Not people in suits answerable to no one

If you think this is OK then democracy is done

And we simply should call it an oligarch state

Where the rich and the powerful decide everybody’s fate

And elections can be done away

As a fake system of deciding who rules us today.

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