Cacophonous sounds

Cacophonous was the sounds they made

The kind of sounds loves make

When open minded and wild at play

Not stifled, subdued, hidden away

Afraid of being shamed

That they should be playing the lovers game.

She did not hold back at all for him

She let every aspect of his being in

He did the same in return

And so both felt the passion burn

But this connection did not rely

Simply on the physical side

They connected within spirit and mind

Which made playing this lovers game divine.

Two souls entwined in body and mutual respect

Leaving nothing behind left unsaid

Both in joyful play, a sweaty mess

Doing what lovers do in a sensual bed

Of cotton sheets and a soft mattress

Both deciding to address

Their passions, yearnings and eagerness

To spiritually, mindfully and physically connect

In the way that twin flames know best

In a moment of zestful conquest

That empowers them both and leaves them feeling blessed

Basking in the afterglow of loving at it’s best.

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