Travelling rifts and shifts

I keep deep breathing

as I am dream weaving

staring at the ceiling

waiting to ascend

into new realms

and dimensions

where I am about to go

just who can tell.

I use my imagination

and practice astral flight

I transform into an eagle

and soar into a moonlit night

on wings of gold glowing in the night

swooping down above a mirrored lake

causing ripples across from bank to bank.

I then fly into the moon

and transform into a foggy gloom

then appear out of the other side

into a rainbow coloured sky

of purple hills and yellow lush grass

above red forests I then pass

then down into a fissure between two mountains

and appear in  galaxy where there are thousands

of ships flying back and forward to various planets

multi coloured and travelling

in various ways beyond my understanding

scurrying about in and out of different universes

i fly by black holes careful to skirt them

but not daring to go near enough to be pulled in

at the risk of being crushed to nothing

but then as I fly space then shifts

and I fly into a trans dimensional rift

and find myself back staring at the ceiling

pondering this astral flight and all it’s meanings.



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