Forest dweller

Forest dwell that’s me

Living life among the trees

The dappled shade sparkling

The various shades of the leaves

Add a colourful beauty to all I see.

Among the tees I see a pond

Filled with lily pads as well as reeds

I see the wildlife in the water

Assorted insects frogs and ducks

And out the corner of my eye I see

A deer breaking cover which fascinates me

Hidden so well within the ferns and bracken

I did not even see it there.

Then I hear in the undergrowth

The scurrying of rabbits and squirrels

These amuse me the most

Playing and running with lightening speed

Up and down the numerous trees

Wow I am so amazed by nature

And the gift it offers me

Too spend this time dwelling in this forest of verdancy.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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