She was bewildered by his fascination

in why he loved to see her play

with other people on display

in a various array of situations

and all forms of role play

but he just said he was happy

that she experienced all that life offers

he loved her so but didn’t want to

place he in a gilded cage to be adored

he didn’t want her as a slave

and was sure she would always return home

no matter how much she roamed

for what they had was more than physical

so he had no worries and she had no need to atone

for the fun and satisfaction she found

in being with others because she was allowed

he felt seeing her spread her wings

was beautiful too see, in all her finery

she looked so amazingly, happy

and that made him happy too

so everything was good even though she was confused.

Via: Daily Prompt: Bewildered

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