I can, so can you

I can do time

I can do mind,

I can do awake

I can do blind,

I can do good

I can do bad,

I can do happy

I can do sad,

I can do conscious

I can do awake,

I can do asleep

I can do fake,

I can do you

I can do me,

I can do enslaved

I can do free,

I can do anything I choose too

so can you, so why do you refuse too,


why do need to be led,

it’s time to start living

rather than be the walking dead,

switched off mind

or spewing others thoughts,

question everything that you’ve been taught,

and live you’re own life,

full fill your own dreams,

build you’re own hopes

that you can be proud to achieve,

live as you’re own authority,

adopt a policy of living existentially,

then you will know what it’s like to be free.


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