Let me seduced you

Let me seduce you

Let me produce for you

The desire you crave

The feeling you need

The passion sensually

Let me seduce you

Kiss your sweet lips

Let me drink you in in sips

So I can savour

All of your flavour

You’re so alluring to me

Let me seduce you

Undress you slow

Tell me how far I can go

I’ll show you respect

And give you my love

But in one thing you can trust

I’ll make you yearn

I’ll make you ache

I will make your body

Arch time and again

Let me seduce you

Set your essence free

Let me seduce you

And succumb to me

And we’ll burn like twin flames

We’ll shine bright

We will be spirits and souls

To hot to touch

Because our lust

And love will just be too much

Will you let me seduced you?

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