Free love

Love is not exclusive

why put it in a gilded cage

and simply watch as it fades

like all things when i captivity

with no hope of escape.

Love is something to be shared

it shows people that you care

it’s precious yes

but don’t be obsessive with it

love can’t be owned

and when you tie it down

then it’s start to drown

unable to breathe

it need to soar among the clouds

and fly on filigree wings

that are so amazing

sending out light and blessings

when you think you can control it

that it is when the delusion sets in.

Love only works when you let it free

when you allow it to do it’s own thing

and then you will see

the amazing things it can achieve

never lose faith or belief

that love is, the best thing that you can feel

it’s something that we should all live and breathe

and realise all else is secondary

love should be all and everything to you and me

so let the love flow freely

because that’s what’s best believe me

Love is all we need.

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