The valentines gift

She got a valentines day gift

Never to be forgotten

One to live long in her memory

An anonymous proposal

From an anonymous man

Who offered to take her fully in hand

She was taken aback yet fully intrigued

And the thought sent her a little weak at the knees.

She received this card through the post

That stated she was desired

And that as a matter of urgency her body was required

He would be round approximately at midday

So get dressed up in a full on sensual display

And leave the door on the latch so he could come in

Then she would find the fun would begin

If the door was locked he would know it’s a no

If it was open he’d be ready to go

Well she dressed in a tight short skirt and a tight vest,

Putting her stockings so she’d look her sexiest best

She left the door on the latch

Waited in anticipation

This would be an end to recent frustrations

With her husband at work she’d given him a text

Told him what was happening

He simply blessed

The whole situation as his bent

Asked her to let her know later just how it went.

She was in the kitchen when he finally came in

She was looking out the window

Resisted looking round

Felt the breath on her neck

And the hands fondle her breasts

She had an idea what was coming next

As she felt her skirt begin to rise

Her blood rushed through her body and was not surprised

When she felt the firm hands all over her body.

Feeling their way and massaging and caressing

He didn’t worry about her undressing

He took her there and then over the worktop

In front of the window

She didn’t want him to stop

He was in full control

As her made her body burn

Felt the full thrust and felt her body burn

He exploited her body causing full perspiration

Her breathing so heavy due to his penetrations

She could barely keep herself going at the knees

She never being taken so comprehensively

So many times she peaked time and again

As this anonymous man simply had his way

And when all was done and she was a quivering mess

This stranger then quietly left

And in the heat of her after glow she felt so blessed

She recreated this moment to her husband via text

And said she had no clue who this anon man was

And sent one back saying it was a friend

And that he knew it had been a while

And it was time for her frustration to end

So he decided this would be her valentine present

She thanked him for it and stated it was the best yet

And she could not wait to see what he come would come up with next.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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