Dignity and self-esteem

If you lose everything

Just remember one thing,

Don’t lose your dignity

And don’t go surrendering your self-esteem,

Because these are such important things

Like keeping your love and self belief

And if you lose everything

Understand all just temporary,

In a life that based on impermanence,

In the end no matter what you acquire,

It could money, possessions or fame,

In the end it all means nothing

And if that’s all you that’s defined you from the cradle to the grave,

Theres more to life and we should live it that way,

Striving for love, kindness and peace in each day,

Because its never easy,

Nobody said it was

But keep your dignity

And don’t let your self-esteem be lost

And no matter if you reach the end

With nothing much else my friend

But love and kindness

As well as inner peace,

You will find in reality

It’s the only thing you can take from this life,

So don’t waste your time

Being consciously blind,

Open your eyes and open your mind.


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