Wormhole falling

I fell headlong down a wormhole

Though laying in my bed

I saw quasars and quarks spinning above my head

And atoms racing neutrinos then colliding

Just then I banged my head

Spun head over heels

Yet still descended

Then I witnessed kaleidoscopic seas

And dolphins leaping from the waves

And birds in assorted colours flying in a circus like parade

Then everything went dark

And I thought this all just in my mind

Before a supernova explosion happened before my eyes

And in a riot of rainbow light

And vision incandescent and bright

Took me on a race through time as well as cosmic space

In and out of dimensions and galaxies unknown

Then I had the feeling that I was being blown

At a thousand miles an hour

And my head was now in a spin

And woke up in my bed left wondering

How did that all begin.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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