Defined balance

How do you want to be defined

Work on the body but not on the mind

But the vice-versa is also a waste of time

We have find balance in our life

Healthy body

Healthy mind

Leaves us perfectly designed

To cope with the life that we need to lead

Rooted in mindfulness and inner-peace

This helps us focus on positive things

There is nothing better than feeling healthy

With an uncluttered mind

Clear from toxic negativity

Makes us feel good and makes us feel free

To live awakened spiritually

And to focus our thoughts existentially

We soon become our own authority

No longer afraid to take responsibility

For how we live and all that we do

From a stand point of love and a baseline of truth

We find ourselves grounded in reality

Casting off the fear based illusory

So through domesticated systems and rules

Rejecting the archaic dogmatic views

We are masterpieces in our own consciously created minds

We can be transcending this suffering life.

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