More than a ghost in a shell

I am more than just this ghost within this shell

More than an image if your perception

I am more than just what we label ourselves as human

I am eternal energy

And will go on forever

Flying off into the stars

Circling Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars

In an astral conscious journey I create

In a restoration state

Between blinking out and beginning to re-incarnate

I walk the streets of distant dimensions

These dark streets glowing in multicoloured neon

Spacecrafts flying up above my head

I am more alive than ever though you presume me dead

The only thing that died is this shell I was wearing

Now for another umpteenth life I am preparing

And in every re-incarnation I hope to learn more than in my past life

Every new beginning I hope to live life right

But in between times I celebrate with long lost souls and flames

From my ancient soul group I thought I’d never see again

And how good is it to fell their warm kind embrace

In this pure spiritual energy state

And I connect with love on a frequency of which are made of dreams

I feel and see vibrations and waves creating streams

Into consciousness and manifesting physical energy.

So it’s not this shell that defines me

And I am more than a ghost

I am all that is creation

And I choose reside in this shell like a divine host

The angel who sacra diced his wing to savour love in human form.

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