Angel of the streets

She wanders the backstreets of life

Walking stealthily through the night

Helping those who’ve fallen through the cracks

Trying to help pick them back up

She wears a hooded cloak to hide her face

Some say it’s shield her tears and pain

But she’s compassion, she is love

Trying to heal those who have suffered so much

She goes places others fear

She is benevolent which to all is clear

She’s been wandering for so many years

And the numbers of suffering keep growing

In a world where the pain keeps flowing

There seems no end in sight yet she keeps on going

Dispensing love and healing to those who need it

She’s an angel of the streets

She is someone who if you were to meet

Then you would know suffering and hardship

You would know of abject pain

And she would seek to heal you

And put you on your feet again

She’s an angel of the streets

In the darkness she shines a light

She walks the places people dare not go

She moves compassionately through the ghettos

She’s an angel of the streets

She absorbs and embraces others misery

She an angel of the street

She carries other people’s suffering

To ease their lives, to ease their pain

She’s an angel of the street.

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