Intergalactic pilgrims

The intergalactic pilgrims

Sailed the universe in search

Of a newly discovered planet

In a hope to one day reside

When they landed it was dark

And so how were they to know

Everything that tried to flourish here

Was simply destined to die

Starved of any light and infected with fear

Micro organisms within this planets atmosphere

Played tricks on their mind

And induced to combine

A neurotic state of being

And this caused violence

And it also caused death

Within the intergalactic beings.

Destroying themselves

Through their own fear

The answers were evidently clear

We are an alien life form

On an inhospitable host

Caused them a thing

That they needed most

A new start, a new beginning

But now that future was lost

As the microbes turned these pilgrims in on themselves

And they paid the ultimate cost

By being susceptible to fear

And being driven by violence

All the pilgrims simply died

And left this ancient dark planet in silence.

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