The seeds of life

Sow seeds in a swirling vortex

Witness them scattered far and wide,

Watch the landscape as propagation

Soon begins and energy sparks

Life into its infancy,

To grow and reach for the light that feeds,

Every aspect of it’s being,

The amazing miracle, the seed,

That carries the spark of life within its husk

In creation and nature trust,

Then all it needs is the water of life,

All it needs is cosmic, universal light,

To spring forth such precious life.

We are all products of seeds

With different types of biological needs,

But still the process is a miracle of creation,

But in a slight variation

And still we grow stronger when in the light,

All things born from seeds are a beautiful sight,

That when it blossoms are a sight to see,

From love, in peace and majesty.

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