My simple theory on life immortal

A life immortal

What is this?

One single life

Spanning eternity?

That’s what people

Fixate on

When thinking about this

But a life immortal

Is about us as energy

About when this vessel

That we inhabits

Is worn out

And past it’s time

Our energy

And conscious mind

Unlike the body

Doesn’t die

It returns into

The ether

Of the universal

Spiritual realms

Prepares itself

For reincarnation

And then finally returns

And some say

But this is new life

Nothing to do with the old

But deep within

Your DNA there is a story to be told

Locked within our sub consciousness

There are memories

Of all our past lives

But we have not learnt

To unlock them

And show that this is right

We are not our bodies

We are more than that

We are energy

And consciousness

That can never truly die out

We pass through realms

And dimensions

Learning lessons on the way

In a hope of evolving

And transcending

To enlightenment one day

Just my simple theory

Of what life immortal means

A thousand lives lived over

Leaving in our minds

A thousand dreams.

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