Worrying what comes after detracts for living now

People worry so much about dying and what comes after

That often they forget to live

So many spend so much time accruing everything

In the form of material possessions

And trying to achieve some fame

They forget to live and enjoy life

And in a a world as beautiful as this

That my friends is a shame

So many people live life angry

Craving hate, violence, death and war

That in the end they are blind

To what life is worth living for

Not to bring about the end of other lives and inflicting misery

But rather resonating love and compassion

And fostering equality and peace

So that we can share as one united humanity

The precious wondrous life we live

Which is simply amazing to me

So worry not about anything

But being happy in each moment

And feeling every ounce of love in the present

Make this your soul testament.

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