Observant and conversant

I have tried to be observant

And otherwise conversant,

With the world in which we live

And the universe of which we create,

Within our conscious mind

And within this self created time,

To be aware of opportunities

And mindful of synchronicities,

That cross our path upon our journey,

That may bring about epiphanies

That lead me into higher frequencies,

Of spiritual belief that maybe currently beyond me

And the words I wish to speak

But know that in the end

My consciousness and soul

Has all the answers I will ever need.

2 thoughts on “Observant and conversant

  1. Conscience has more power than we realise!!! I have experienced some of it when I’ve been at my lowest…the strength I get from myself when I absolutely need it is unparalleled. I don’t think I can ever draw strength like that externally…

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