Queen of the dead

In a dark room she filled his head

With love and dreams of sensual fulfillment

She wore paint so colourful dressed up for the day of the dead

She was beautiful that he could see

Glowing in the dark like an exotic queen

The flowers in her hair her pale white face

Lips made to kiss he was carried away

She had a fit body with subtle curves

He could not help but observe

But she didn’t want him just to look

And her intentions were fast and loose

They made love that was passionate and fervent

She took him too his limit then went further

She took control, she was hungry

He could tell she was in so much need

She was insatiable she wanted more

This more than he’d ever known before

She was wild with lust and it was love till they bust

He had never know such hot love like this.

As they finished and they both got dressed he asked for her name

And a number to text

But she smiled at him and said ‘but honey I am dead

But come and see me after your death’

He thought was joking and followed outside

She went to a place he didn’t want to find

A plot with a headstone and a name inscribed

Then she laid down there and vanished inside

Shocked he was and knew not what to say

Then an old woman passed his way

Said that she was the queen of the dead

And if she loved you then you were blessed

And he cried real tears for her

Which to many may have seemed absurd

But she too him was filled with so much life

How could someone with so much energy have died

And he lost what he felt was the love he had searched so hard to find.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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