Beyond the establishment and system

We’re locked in system

Bound in chains,

By a system that doesn’t want us free again,

Caught in a society that barely cares

Inundated by advertisers selling their wares,

While government forces rules and laws down our throats

In a nanny state society we are all controlled.

Working for corporations and selling our souls

Never making a stand or getting too bold

To fight for our rights

And somehow make a change in our lives

Governed by fat cat men who are all too old

Seeking to line their pockets and gain power and control

And their is nothing in anyway that we can find that consoles

But I for one am past the point of overload

Travelling into a place of the unknown

Of opting out the system, the establishment and state

Going beyond the rules and ditching the hate

As promoted by the media

With its domesticated displays.

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