Looped replay

Tumbling down a deep black well

I saw faces in the wall scream and yell

Faces of my past and future

Faces of my son and daughters

Those I love and choose not to lose

So I scramble for something to grasp on to

But without success as I tumble on

Through darkness and then beyond

I see lights of universal creation

Quantum atoms exploding and creating

New life new worlds and multiverse galaxies

Springing forth life of various species

Then tumbling further I see history

Tales of Romans, Byzantines, Egyptians and Greeks

And how their empires were built and fell

Then found myself in a bleak dark cell

Of my own self contained fraught hell

As I hear the doomsday bell

Well who does it toll for

I cannot tell,

As I think of how I got here

And exactly how I fell

I cannot remember maybe I was under some enchanted spell

Then the walls, floors, ceiling of this cell fell away

And light shone brighter than any day

And I felt the grass upon which I laid

Stood up dizzy and started to stray

Staggering towards something familiar to me

But before I could steady my feet or see clearly

I tumbled down a deep dark well

All too familiar I could tell

Reliving this experience over and over again

The worst kind of groundhog day

On an automatic loop and replay.

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