Robotic serenade

Robotic AI beings created

For what purpose we do not know

Can the computers for a brain

Bring consciousness to evolve

And what about a lack of soul

This is something we don’t even know

Where it is or how is made

So how can we expect to create

Anything without the absence of compassion and humility

We simply will create thinking machines

Unable to be kind or develop a belief

Of what peace truly means

It will just operate dreaming Google memes and themes

Oh hang on that’s just like human beings

So who truly is the machine

We have surrendered individual creativity

Over to those who operate today’s technology

And lose the ability to uniquely think

For ourselves and we also lack creating within our own beliefs.

7 thoughts on “Robotic serenade

  1. I read something like this from Asimovs essays on a book once. Where he really outlined that robots would be the real slave, and its master’s were always humans. Thing is, he also computed that in doing so, we humans will be slave to laziness.

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      1. In my own deepest sincerity of what technology should’ve done for us was, to supplement our lives with good benefits. As with life, anything is created whether its natural or man made has a duality of things. For that is a certain life in general.

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      2. My thoughts are all things are created for a reason a different that duality lays in everything, therefore rejection of anything without understanding is a mistake. Understand all things first.

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