Abusers are losers


An aversion to living

Well within the light

But a fear of dying

Like you think

You’ll get out of this alive,

In the end you find depression

Deep within your mind

The belief that this

Is never going to improve

And that somehow surviving

Is the best that you can do,

It’s a mindset of suffering,

Causing a chemical response

Within your brain

And it steers you off course

Land leads you away from light

And guides you in to darkness

You have to train your mind

Through inner peace

And mindfulness

And I know that this may be simplistic,

But you have to think outside the box

To find a life that’s realistic,

Shed the display of illusory

That led you to suffering

And left your mind confused,

The damage done by others

Through various abuse,

Says more about them

Then it will ever say about you,

So don’t succumb like they designed it too,

Reach out for the power, the light and the strength within you,

To get back on course to find your way

And discover light, life and happiness once again,

It’s your choice

Breathe in love

And say to those who abused you,

I have the power and the strength,

So you lose.

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  1. This is not a road I like to travel down, for some reason I feel I must. It’s a very simple “rule” abusers know well. If you allow or accept their first “indiscretion”, they will do it again, progressively.
    It’s never about you, it’s about them exerting their control over you.

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