In the dim light of day


In the dim light of day

The smoke gets in the way,

Another pile of bodies

Lay bleeding on the streets,

Just another day in hell

Where people scream and yell

And we wonder and we ask ourselves

Why do they flee this place,

This humanitarian disgrace,

Where killing kids and women

Happens everyday,

It passes by on TV

We see it on the news,

Every fucking person,

In every fucking country,

Just seems to be immune,

To all the innocent who,

Are dying everyday,

Through no fault of their own.

Meanwhile its a daily life thing

When another bomb explodes,

Where’s our humanity

That we let this persist

And we barely think of it,

This life of hell some people are forced to lead,

It’s a shit stain on the whole of our species,

We have allowed things like these atrocities to carry on

And we’ve sanitised this murder for far too long

And its so wrong.

Via: Daily Prompt: Dim

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