All she needed…

She was married to a man so loveless and cold

Married to a man that became old

Before his time

And was living out life

Bitter and angry all the time

How was she supposed to live like this

Living a life where love is missed

She has urges and she has needs

No suprise then when someone offered to free

The desire and the passion within her body

She surrendered so easily

All she needed from him was lustful love

All she needed from him was meaningless lust

All she really needed was to feel a tender touch

So she embraced this man until she had enough

All she wanted was to receive some love

She never even felt bad about this

For she didn’t believe her husband would care about this

He never considered her needs

She never considered why he was like this

One day when she came home

From having a loving rendezvous

She could not understand why the house was dark and in gloom

When she turned the lights on he was there

Hanging from the ceiling which he had fashioned with care

It seems he suffered from desperate ways

Did not like what he had became

Did not like his angry moods

Decided his life would be better ended soon

Realised she had found somebody else

So he did what he thought was selfless.

She broke down as he hung their

She never realised he was in so much despair

And all either needed was somebody to care

All they both needed was to share

Thoughts and feelings

But they never talked

So in the end he gave into it all

And now she’s going to have to live with this

A cruel and unbelievable life twist

That would leave with a life of suffering.

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