All we need to do is find the love

We need rise above

The the anger and hate,

We need to start making a change

That start within ourselves,

Finding the love and the self,

That is borne from consciousness

Forged in the stars of the universe,

Designed by creation, made of energy,

We think we are skin and bone

But that is an illusion that we’ve been sold,

We can be what we please

One race living in unity,

Tolerant of others beliefs,

Colour, gender and sexuality

All we should want to achieve

Is peace and to protect our ecology,

Living in the spiritual zone

Showing gratitude and appreciation to our home,

Respecting natures beauty

And protecting other species,

All I want to do is wake you up,

Stir you out of your complacency,

Showing you the corporate greed

And how governments make us all bleed,

Dealing with arms and nuclear bombs

Instilling fear in everyone,

Using the media to control,

This has been done since days of old,

We need to find our strength, our voices and be bold,

This time has come to pass,

No longer shall we be racing fast

To the precipice of our own

Self created extinction,

Never should we ever feel owned,

We need to discover our existentialism,

All we need to know is we have the power

As a humanity,

We can unite and set ourselves free

And create fairer societies,

Where every individual can be what they choose to be,

All we have to do is find the love,

All we have to do is care so much,

That change becomes inevitable

That a paradigm shift begins to evolve

And we transcend and transform

Into a species that can do anything at all,

Because it chooses to work as one,

No flags, no borders and no anthems,

You can call this a utopian dream,

But its one we should all learn to believe,

All we need to do is find the love,

All we need to do is rise above.

Via :Daily Prompt: Above

4 thoughts on “All we need to do is find the love

  1. A fantastic collage of truth! Brilliant mind thought and courage speaking to the masses. This written message should be echoing in auditoriums of the open and closed minded!🤗 Pave the way …

    Liked by 1 person

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