Lifestyle vow

Living in the present

Living in the now,

Focusing on being

Letting go of all and everything

Mindful every second,

While remaining alert

To things going on around us,

We find the peace of mind

That this practise deserves,

Living within these moments

Absorbed within love,

Resonating it outward

Like a shining light,

Be as one with wonder

Be as one with the universe,

We are receiving what we need

Even the stuff hurts,

It’s teaching us crucial lessons

One’s that we must learn,

If we hope to move on

If we are to evolve,

Transform yourself

And manifest in the now

Love and compassion,

Make living this lifestyle your vow

Be the peace and kindness

And learn not to react

To negative toxicity,

Just simply turn your back

And face toward the light

And let go, don’t engage in fights,

Just remember in the present

Remember in the now,

We a living in the love and light,

For this is our lifestyle vow.

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