Words are often impotent

We use words the best way we can

To express everything

But something’s are beyond words

And are impossible to define

Like who and what we truly are

And where we originate from

Yet still we keep on searching

For the words which really impossible to find

Like what is creation, what is the source?

Why am I hear?

How should I steer my course?

Where and what’s the destination?

Is there ever and end?

What then comes after?

These are definitions that cannot be defined

Unless we go much deeper within our conscious mind

Because these answers are inside

But very hard to find

You can spend a lifetime

Searching all the time

And yet never find out

Yet this is not a waste of time

For the things you learn along the way

Will help you see how you’re defined

Words will never express many things in life

But we keep grasping anyway

And will until the last

But life is more about the feeling

Than the words and questions we may ask.

2 thoughts on “Words are often impotent

  1. Hi there, that is Wonderful when you said …”But life is more about the feeling”, yes I also believe to find the true answers is to go beyond the mind and search with the Heart to reach out to the messages of our true selves, our original light, deep inside!~ LOVE U! ~

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