Good times and memories

Looking a pictures of family in the past

It’s no suprise that the good memories last

Seeing how we’ve all grown up

Sad about those lost along the way

But still remembering them each day

Shows the love we have and our capabilities

To care for other people who we meet

Share that love as much as you can

Show the world that you’re a humanitarian

I look at those pictures because they help me build my love

Not just for family

But for other people I may meet

It seems all those days were golden summers

I can remember how we cared for each other

Materialism, distance and the way society is today

Seems now to have gotten in the way

But for me nothings changed

I still love and care form family and friends the same way

And no matter what happens that will never change

We need to put family first again

Worry less about material gain

Learn to build the love each and every day.

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