Guardian of the street

She saw a man, he was sleeping rough

And was clearly down on his luck,

Huddled in a corner of a car park

And it was beginning to get dark,

And so she dashed off a brought him

A coffee and a sandwich

And spoke to him of how he ended up this way

And as he told her his story of bad luck

She listened earnestly to every word he had to say

And then she consoled saying life has a way of working out OK.

You could see he didn’t believe her

But he smiled and thanked her anyway,

As she got up and left and went about her day.

Next morning he was awoken by somebody

Who said they have somewhere for him to go

And took him to a flat that they said was his new home

And all the cupboards and the fridge were filled with food

And all the things that he could need

And there was no need to pay amenities,

He’d never been so happy,

He’d never felt so blessed,

How did this happen to him

He could not guess,

Then they told him of this lady,

A lady of kindness who helped out those in need

And those who were homeless

Beyond all belief and certainty

And that the blessing he had received was so typical to them

That they believed she was an angel

That she was saintly

That she was a street guardian

And that now he’d be OK,

He just needed to take care of himself,

And things would be fine from now on.

Via:Daily Prompt: Typical

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