Edit this

I’ve made a few mistakes in life

Can someone edit this?

I am not proud to admit it but i may of hurt others,

With the choices that I made

Can someone edit this?

There were maybe some others who were close to me

Who brought along drama and toxicity so I walked away,

Can someone edit this?

It seems nobody can,

Because life is not a book,

Whatever you’ve done you have to live with it

Because there is no way you can edit it,

Its being lived live in the moment,

It’s happening in the present,

While you are worrying about the past

Or while you’re dreaming of the future,

Life is passing you by

And you can’t edit this,

You’ve missed it,

You can’t replay and re-live it

You can edit it,

Like you can edit this

Live life well and enjoy it.

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