Hard man

Hard man,

sad man in disguise

trying to cover up

what’s behind the lies

look into his face

see behind the eyes

the pain and the hurt

he’s suffered in his life.

Hard man

tries acting like he don’t care

spends his time creating

an atmosphere of fear

it’s all external it’s all bluff

see what happens

when you push him to much

he will either explode

and simply breakdown

hard man

you ain’t as tough as you sound

treating women

like they ain’t worth a shit

truth is love, you can’t handle it

so you cast it to one side

like you cast away the women

make out that it’s you that’s winning

but I see the truth because I grew

up around the likes of you

your intimidation doesn’t come from strength

your nasty streak represents being weak

and because you can’t define it

in an intellectual norm

you manifest it in a physical storm

but I don’t hate you like others do

in truth I feel sorry for you

because hard man I know your life story.

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