Universal wonder

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I stare and gaze in awe and wonder

this canopy of stars and this moon we are under

this universe of spectral delight

I dream of taking off in astral flight

I crave and long to sail high and free

within this universal tapestry

to visit this space that is eternal

to leave behind all things here I find infernal

there is so much out there to be seen

as their is so much to discover within me

I play a game of fantasy

where I live out my wildest dreams

of interstellar cosmic journeys

going beyond all know boundaries

going where man has ever seen or imagined before

challenging quantum and physics laws

on a voyage of discovery

into sphere of miraculous belief

into the void of cosmic spirituality

come join me here and share my dream

we can weave together imaginary scenes

and dance and play to cosmic symphonies

where we can reside and dwell simultaneously

in universally intimate, luxurious resplendence

for now and all eternity.

Via: Daily Prompt: Wonder

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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