43 thoughts on “3,000 followers

      1. You are welcome. i am a new blogger. Would love to hear about you and your journey as a blogger. How long have you been writting on fauxcroft? We newbies can take some inspiration from you on how to grow as a blogger..

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      2. Welcome to blogging. All I can say is that I started in April 2016 posting poetry and started slow and built up the blog since then. I am just an ordinary guy posting poetry on subjects that Interest me. Others here do much better and grow much quicker but I am happy and appreciative of all and anyone who follows and reads my work. I started it thinking if it only resonates with 1 person then I will be happy. So as you can imagine I am overjoyed and humbled that my blog does as well as it does.

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      3. Great. Slow development is not bad. When we do something that we love, we will always prosper in it. And yes there will be many amazing bloggers and would love to know about them too.
        May I suggest you to write an entire blog on your journey. This will inspire other bloggers like us. Ofcourse, whenever you have time. Like How u felt when you wrote your first blog, some obstacles that you have overcome, your journey till now.

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