What’s it all about

It’s all about the message

It’s out about the self

It’s about liberation

Nothing to do with wealth

It’s about a revolution

Of the conscious mind

It’s all about residing

In the present time

It’s all about the love

As well as the compassion

It’s about the kindness

Of which we should never ration

It’s about spirituality

Manifesting frequencies

Being mindful in our practice

Appreciating every one

And everything

Showing gratitude

Sharing inner peace

And uniting

In a bond of understanding

It’s all about challenging

Those who are commanding

And question everything

And thinking for yourself

In an existential consciousness

Letting go of everything else

It’s all about discovering

The answers are inside

And that search for them externally

Is just a waste of time

Open yourself up to love

Expose to all what is within

For after all we are more than merely

Blood and bone and skin.

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