Love doesn’t hurt

Love doesn’t destroy

It’s people who employ

And manifest silly games

Meant to hurt

So by choice

Some by thinking things through

On how their actions effect you

But it’s easier to simply blame love

This is done way too much

Most of those who do this

Do not know what love is

It’s a term, just a word that they use

It’s a theme it’s a dream

In their minds is it real?

It’s not something I don’t think they feel

It’s not love

That causes heartbreak

It’s people who just lose their way or play games

They don’t think

If they do

Then why do they hurt you

It’s probably because their love was abuse

It’s a circle a cycle of being abused then abuse

This emotion called love we all crave

And is something that we need

So don’t get this confused

It’s not love that hurts

It’s me and you.

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