People are shades

There are shades of people

They are not black and white

There are hues that define who they are

If start looking close

If you perceive the detail

Not just the eternal sheen

Look within see their wants

Understand all their needs

Listen to them as they speak

You hear more

Hear them roar

They can’t take no more

Of being seen as machines

They need love

And compassion

They crave understanding

They wish to be embraced

And everything’s good

That they are just great

The need reaffirmations each day

Is that wrong?

Is that hard?

Is that too much to ask?

In the end I don’t think that it is

So share your love

Share just a bit of your time

Show you care

And just hear what their mind

Cries out for

They need more

Than to be seen

As mere living machines

Show you see them as more than that

And share the love.

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