These systems will burn

We work as we’re told

We do as we’re told

We obey

We comply

But what for

We as used and abused

Like we’re commodities

By a society

That discards us when done

There is no loyalty

Except to big businesses

And money

Yet they us too invest ourselves in

But it doesn’t invest in us

It pays us a pittance

To help cover the bills

That keep rising

They show us no love

They don’t care

They won’t share

Throw us on to heap

And hope we will follow them

Just like sheep

Be good little boys and girls.

We need a system that puts people first

Beyond their corporate needs

We need more visionaries

Philosophers with dreams

We need more ideologists that think

Of big goal on long term dream

Less corporate types who think much shorter term

Who fixate on profit and money

Short term goals that just use

Exploit and abuse

And leave in their wake such a mess

They are feeding and their breeding

Discontent, resentment

Destroying faith

In society and in people’s hopes and dreams

We need more, deserve better

We need change.

Invest in the people

Invest in their lives

Give them more of a share not less

Of the profits you make

And the money you earn

Off the backs of Blood sweat and tears

Or this system will turn

This system will burn

Like the world

If you do not learn

And return

Rather than just take.

7 thoughts on “These systems will burn

  1. Where I work, a few of us say “I am a robot, I am programmed to obey” and then management gets upset when things don’t go their way…
    What do they expect? They really can’t have their cake and eat it too.

    And I like my job; sometimes,
    management, that’s different.

    Liked by 1 person

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