The duality of choice

We can love

We can hate

We share light

We share dark

It’s our choice

It’s life duality

We can be rich

Or be poor

Choose peace

Or choose war

It’s your choice

In the end

In our deep conscious mind

We choose how we are defined

So don’t try to blame anyone else

It’s your life

Its you’re head

It’s your choice.

So you must get up

And you must inspire

To be good

And not bad

To be happy

And not sad

It’s your choice so you need to shine

Don’t you run stand

Stand your ground

Let peace and love resound

Round this globe

Because we have had enough wars

Be the change

Be the difference

Be the one to join in unity with us

Share the Peace

Share the love

Because we can’t get enough

It’s time for us to achieve

A world living compassionately.

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