There lays more beneath

Tawdry and unkempt he may be

but full of wisdom when he speaks

scrape off the dirt and grimy skin

he maybe winsome underneath

who knows what lies beneath it all

who knows the depths

that his riches go and flow

as if like magic, an alchemist unknown

who knows if he once had a throne

just because now he has nowhere to go

beggars belief, he is a beggar of the street

yet there is mystery about the way

he shuffles his feet and grinds his teeth

with sparkling deep limpid eyes

ask no questions, he tells no lies

yet within him there is more

so is this vagabond look simply a disguise

am I being fooled here before my eyes

tear strain cheeks shows he has cried

maybe over a thousand lifetimes

wrinkled parchment coloured skin

you can feel the grime almost sinking in

through the pores on his face

and on the cuts on his hands

this is truly a quixotic man

for he fails to meet our fixed demands

on what homeless perceptions command

he is vital yet, resonates life and light

too much going on behind them eyes

to classify this downtrodden man as beaten.

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